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Dermalogica launches ChatGPT-powered skin-care training manual to empower therapists in the AI era

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Premium skin-care brand Dermalogica has launched a ChatGPT version of its “Dermalogica: The Book” skin-care treatment manual to train professional therapists.  The integration of AI into the brand’s offerings aims to equip workers to utilise AI rather than be replaced by it. The digital version of “Dermalogica: The Book” includes a chatbot-like AI function, allowing therapists to ask questions on the designated website and receive personalised answers about products and applications. Dermalogica’s CEO, Aurelian Lis, emphasises the importance of upskiling employees to be leaders in the AI revolution. The brand also employs AI for various purposes, such as writing job descriptions, coding, translating content, optimising website navigation, and utilising an AI face-mapping tool. In addition, Dermalogica introduced a blockchain-based accreditation verification system and a non-NFT digital collectible for therapists. Accredited professionals receive a silver digital badge to showcase their qualifications, providing transparency and assurance to clients.

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