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Coca-Cola creates a digital academy, training leaders to combat supply chain problems



Coca-Cola has established a digital academy to up-skill employees, training 500 people in the first year, which has increased productivity by 20%. 90% of supply chain leaders can’t keep up due to disruptions every 3.7 years. So digital and analytics transformation would help combat this problem. In 2021, Coca-Cola built its digital network to support continuity planning and optimisation. This helped decrease reaction time. The course is divided into six cohorts based on learning needs and teaches awareness, transformation, and digital and analytics skills. It is bridging the skills gap and enforcing workforce diversity. The major building blocks of this transformation include a clear road map, talent, agile delivery, technology, organisation of data, and adoption across organisations. The involvement of workers in shaping the change is paramount and research is important to avoid pilot purgatory. Also, solutions should be designed to be used across the networks. Problems arise when either the approach is too centralised or each plant is left to its own development. Top management needs to push for these developments for different companies and remember that boldness is the key.

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