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Cobots have made advancements in the Food and Beverage Industry



Cobots, generally called collaborative robots, have made room for themselves in the Food and Beverage Industry. Unlike conventional robots, cobots are lightweight, small, and designed to function with humans. Cobots can be coordinated into assembling lines and help F&B producers in the accompanying ways. 1, cobots can manage labour-intensive tasks, allowing humans to focus on decision-making and judgment. A Swedish manufacturer of vanilla cream, Orkla Foods, automated its manufacturing line by introducing cobots, relieving its workforce from physical tasks. 2, Deployment of cobots in the production line lowers the labour cost, ultimately increasing the return on investment (ROI). Orkla Foods recovered the amount invested in Cobots within six months. 3, Cobots are equipped with sensors that recognize deterrents and forestall collisions.

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