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Canadian companies are investing more in digital display ads to attract online shoppers



Canadian businesses use a search engine and retail marketplace advertising to reach online audiences, which is currently accounting for 44.5 percent of digital advertising budgets. Digital display advertising usually refers to banner ads, rich media, and videos, is rising as one of the most significant online marketing investments in Canada. Online shopping in Canada is on the upswing, and it will continue to grow over the next few years, according to a report by Emarketer. In fact, it projects that retail marketplace advertising in Canada will grow 9.3 percent this year alone, helping these formats keep up will be the popularity of online marketplaces in Canada—a trend that has been accelerated by COVID-19 restrictions. Researches reveal that by 2022, the amount of money spent on digital advertising in Canada will reach $12 billion and by 2025, this figure will exceed $16 billion.

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