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Breaking down Procter & Gamble Innovations, Digital Strategies, and Ambitions



Procter & Gamble, an American-based multinational consumer goods corporation, is trusted by millions of households and its brands are passed on to the next generations for over 181 years. P&G has skillfully combined what’s needed with what’s possible to make its consumers’ living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms more pleasant. P&G covers some of the iconic brands people trust in their households, including Beauty and Care: Head & Shoulders, Olay, SK-II, and Pantene; Baby Care: Pampers; Fabric Care: Ariel, Fairy Non-bio, and Lenor; Personal Health Care: Old Spice, Clearblue, Vicks, and Oral-B.

Procter & Gamble’s chief purpose is to offer its consumers branded products of quality and value that help them improve their lifestyles. This purpose unifies P&G to achieve a common cause and help implement its ultimate growth strategy of day-to-day meaningful changes via innovating consistently, launching new digital strategies/programmes, and working on future ambitions.

P&G digital strategies/programmes

When a global corporation like Procter & Gamble infuses with the dedicated spirits of the startup, the world of new opportunities and inventions is unlocked, helping the business grow in every aspect. Working on a similar strategy, P&G has initiated numerous digital programmes and joint ventures that are open for collaboration.

Consumer Electric Show:

Consumers’ expectations change over time and, therefore, companies like P&G reinvent their technologies. The CPG giant has been showcasing its innovations and technologies at CES, a global platform for emerging consumer technologies. P&G LifeLab, the company’s virtual world, offers its consumers an immersive look at the category-driven technology that shapes the brand.


The company’s innovation model, GrowthWorks, is an approach towards disruption that accelerates the brand’s production and research in collaboration with emerging startups. With P&G’s expertise combined with the agility of a startup, the brand has achieved remarkable success and is on its way to achieve 200 more.

P&G Ventures:

P&G Ventures, a startup studio, allows P&G to work with investors, and entrepreneurs to create products that are beyond the categories in which the company competes. After carrying out extensive market research, P&G finds consumer demands and partners with businesses to fill in the gaps with its expertise and resources.

Connect + Develop:

It is P&G’s external partnership programme that collaborates with inventors outside the company. These outside partnerships allow the company to find solutions in every area of business from in-store and e-commerce experiences to technologies and innovations in the supply chain.

P&G driving innovation through constructive disruptions

Disruptions are inescapable, however, at P&G experts use constructive disruptions to drive business towards growth. The CPG company is transforming various aspects of the business to lead toward innovations.

We’re leading the constructive disruption of our industry across innovation, brand building, supply chain, and digitisation and data analytics.

David Taylor

Executive chairman of the board, p&g

Transforming Supply Chain:

P&G is in the process of establishing a synchronised network based on the principles of real-time demand signals to meet customers’ needs. In the European region, manufacturing operations and multi-category disruptions are evolving consumer order lead times. Meanwhile, the US mixing centres deliver 80% of the shipments within 24 hours.

Oral-B Genius X Electric Toothbrush:

P&G is offering consumer satisfaction that is personalised using first-party data. Oral-B Genius X is an AI-empowered electric toothbrush that provides feedback on sensitive areas for better oral health through the Oral-B app.

The genius minds of P&G

Behind every breakthrough innovation, there is a creative thinker who connects the dots strategically and launches disruptions in the industry. Susan Ludwig, Sawanna Lucus, Rukeyser Thompson, Rolanda Wilkerson, Paul Sagel, and Rafael Trujillo are some of the names of P&G who take challenges and come up with genius ideas.

P&G’s Ambitions: Gender equality and sustainability

Empowering genders is at the core of P&G, which is why the firm is ambitious to build a world that is better for all voices and representations. The company does so by leveraging its voice in advertisements and mass media to raise awareness against gender biases.

Pampers #HappyFathersWay

Pampers highlighted the efforts of fathers after researching that one in two mothers believe that UK media and ads can make fathers feel more appreciated for their caregiving. The brand collaborated with Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon to encourage fathers from across the region to share their #HappyFatherWay stories, suggesting that fathers play an equally important role in the nourishment of their children.

Ariel #ShareTheLoad

In Indian culture, 70% of children believe that women are responsible for doing household chores like laundry. With Ariel’s stereotype-breaking ads, the rate of men thinking that “household chores are a woman’s job” dropped to 52% from 79%.


P&G is ambitious to reduce its carbon footprint, conserve water and adopt renewable electricity by 2030. The brands are adopting innovative solutions to reduce the use of virgin plastic in packaging by 50% and encourage refillable and reusable bottles. The firm is also positive to cut 50% of GHG emissions across its supply chain by advancing at least 10 partnerships.

Bottom line:

P&G is aspiring to set high standards of innovations, disruptions, and transformations in the consumer goods industry, promoting others to take similar initiatives. The professional and expert team of P&G is determined to produce high-quality and convenience-driven products by continuously generating innovations, launching partnership-driven digital strategies, and striving to achieve its future ambitions.