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An insight on how US top 5 companies prepare for a consumer-first future



Covid-19 pandemic has prepared the companies for a customer-first future. Five of the top US companies gave an insight on how they plan to deal with business in the post-pandemic world, regardless of the industry. 1, Lauren Weinberg, CMO of Square, emphasized fostering connections to create community. For this purpose, the company allows customers to share their struggling stories, which Square featured on its seller stories. As a result, the company generated an 82% uplift in customer web traffic. 2, William White, CMO at Walmart US, provided improved home delivery services, curbside pickup, and Walmart+ membership. The firm saw a 37% increase in sales. 3, Julia Vander, SVP at Hyatt Hotels, recommended putting content in context using first-party data. The brand utilized first-party data to provide the right information to the right consumer at the right time and increased its consumers by 13 times. 4, Fara Howard, CMO at GoDaddy, suggested staying authentic to the audience to cater to their emerging needs. 5, Suzy Deering, CMO at Ford Motor Company, emphasized delivering unique experiences to audiences to grasp their attention.

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