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8 carbon-neutral brands committed to transform the food and beverage industry



Many CPG companies are stepping up their sustainability game and rolling out products that are manufactured to emit fewer carbon emissions. The 8 carbon-neutral brands committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions include 1, Bud Light Next, which initially introduced a zero-carb version of its beer, and now the brand is going carbon-neutral. 2, Oregon-based brand, Riff reenergised its consumers with carbon-neutral drinks. 3, Evol, Conagra’s frozen food brand, introduced carbon-neutral products in the frozen food aisle. 4, New Zealand-based Silver Fern Farms launched carbon zero Angus Beef in the US. 5, Kroger, a famous grocery giant, rolled out its carbon-neutral eggs. 6, Neutral Foods, America’s first carbon-neutral brand. 7, Mondelēz, and 8, Mrs.

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