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2022 is the year to embrace Valentine’s Day due to three trends



As per the results of Prosper Insights & Analytics annual survey and NRF, American consumers have celebrated this Valentine’s Day extravagantly by spending $175. The total amount spent during this holiday reached $23.9 billion. NRF pointed out three trends encouraging Americans to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2022 with zest. 1, Among 73% of the consumers, 66% of them embraced Valentine’s Day, 2022 by spending over $100 on gifts for significant others because they were looking for a change in a tension-driven world. 2, Both men and women have surprised their partners with diamonds this year, instead of chocolates and flowers. Men (30%), while females (14%) have spent $75 and $24, respectively on jewellery. 3, Despite the omicron variant, 30% of consumers have enjoyed the day outside, either by going to a concert, relaxing at a spa or relishing the thrills of sky diving.

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