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10 Universities across the US are creating their digital twins in the metaverse named metaversities



Meta, the company that owns Facebook, is transforming the higher education landscape by providing funds to higher education institutions across the US to replicate their digital twins in the metaverse. These digital versions of universities named metaversities would be accessed by students wearing VR headsets. Universities would create their digital twin campuses in the metaverse where students can get online and interact with their class fellows in a replicated classroom environment. This opportunity will allow students to use educational VR tools in studies and practically explore 3D objects and run science experiments to create new inventions. As per the new study from Stanford University, students will find this change more realistic and pleasant with the passage of time. The VR technology will soon replace the hybrid model of education with the tri-brid model, an educational framework functioning between online and in-person settings without the limits of scale, time, and travel.

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