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Weekly Snapshot of Top Trends in CG Industry



This is the weekly snapshot of top trends from the Consumer Goods industry in the past week (30th May-3rd June). We have covered different categories, including:

Direct-to-Consumer: Coty Inc., a beauty product company, has entered into a partnership with an e-commerce platform named Lazada to launch its first Chloé Fragrances DTC digital store in Singapore.

AI and Robotics: Cultural relevance and legacy are the two main motivating factors encouraging PepsiCo to enter the virtual space and launch its Mic Drop Genesis NFT collection.

Sustainability: SC Johnson has launched a new concentrate of its cleaning product, Windex, to cut plastic waste and promote refillable products.

Consumer Trends: Instacart is launching shoppable video ads and enhanced shoppable display ads for CPG brands to interact and sell products to consumers in a more efficient way.

Supply Chain: Flytrex, a drone delivery company, has collaborated with Unilever’s first online-only shop named, The Ice Cream Shop to deliver ice cream straight from the sky to the consumers of Texas and North Carolina.