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Weekly Snapshot of Top Trends in CG Industry



This is the weekly snapshot of top trends from the Consumer Goods industry in the past week (11th April-18th April). We have covered different categories, including:

Direct-to-Consumer: Star ratings influence the shopping patterns of online buyers and companies can use this strategy to design better products, satisfy consumers and grow their sale cycle.

AI and Robotics: Unilever and Ahold are entering into a joint venture with a retail marketing platform, Perch, to launch a visually interactive end caps lift that can track product engagement via AI and computer vision.

Sustainability: Campbell Soup has expanded its wheat sustainability programme, now covering 108,000 acres in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Idaho, and Ohio, according to the company’s 2022 Corporate Responsibility Report.

Consumer Trends: Brands like Albertsons and Target are introducing innovative lines, products, and programmes to win customers’ loyalty and are using data to run a personalised and relevant marketing campaign.

Supply Chain: Shipium is providing Amazon-like supply chain tech to e-commerce retailers by establishing a tech stack, providing retailers with a supply chain coordination layer that allows them to deliver a shipment at faster and cheaper rates.