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Three CPG companies, three strategies to reduce waste and increase value



Three big consumer goods businesses have taken steps to reduce waste and pollution while extending the life of the items and materials we use. The Coca-Cola Company has established a market-leading goal for refillable and reusable packaging. The project involves drink dispensers in addition to reusable plastic and glass bottles, according to Michael Goltzman, vice president, global public policy, and sustainability at Coca-Cola.

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Nicole Cerroni, L’Oréal USA’s vice president of sustainability, emphasised the cosmetics company’s new product impact labelling system. L’Oréal will encourage customers to interact with its products in novel ways, such as refilling a bottle or using shampoo in bar form. Finally, Target Forward, the company’s new sustainability strategy, accelerates potential and equity. Its three goals include developing and boosting sustainable businesses as well as inventing to decrease waste.

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