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PepsiCo’s cultural connection with music encouraged it to reach the Web3 space



Numerous CPG brands are entering the metaverse boundaries, and PepsiCo is one of the companies stepping into the virtual world. Cultural relevance and legacy are the two main motivating factors that encouraged the beverage giant to enter the virtual space. While discussing PepsiCo’s Mic Drop Genesis NFT collection, Todd Kaplan, the company’s CMO, mentioned that this collection of NFTs pays homage to the brand’s history, deeply connected with music. The Mic Drop Collection consists of 1,893 free NFTs that highlight the company’s history, generating $10 million in sales. Kaplan highlighted that brands cannot attract consumers’ attention via conventional methods of marketing like advertising. As per Kaplan’s expertise, cultural impact has become one of the major proponents of modern marketing, allowing brands to achieve more than just reaching consumers.

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