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Note for the retailers: The futuristic disruptive innovations in the supply chain industry



As per the Fulfillment Vision Study, presented by Zebra Technologies Inc, 78% of logistic companies aim to offer same-day delivery by 2023, while 40% of them plan to deliver goods within two days by 2028. To achieve these targets, 87% of the companies plan to utilise crowdsourced delivery and 86% of the logistic businesses plan to launch buy online/pick up in-store trend in future. The manual spreadsheets are expected to be replaced with barcode scanners, as per the response from 94% of omnichannel retailers. Respondents believe that the most disruptive technologies of the future will be robotics 37%, mobile tech 37%, autonomous vehicles 38%, and drones 39%. The need for inventory accuracy will grow by 83% in North America. More than 80% of the European and Middle Eastern businesses will use store inventory to fulfil orders, and 95% of Asia-Pacific respondents think that e-commerce is driving the need for faster delivery.

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