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L’Oréal’s insight: The future of beauty packaging is bio-based and carbon-captured



L’Oréal’s global director of sustainable packaging, Brice Andre, stated that the future of beauty packaging will be a blend of both sustainability and desirability inspired by strong cross-industrial partnerships. He added that the packaging industry would advance due to the development of lifecycle analysis, material science, and smart product design. The beauty giant presented its global sustainability goals for 2030, comprising of the following three commitments 1, the launch of recycled or bio-based plastic packaging. 2, carbon-neutral company sites and centres. 3, utilisation of 95% of bio-based ingredients. L’Oréal is expanding its network by partnering with Nestle Waters, Suntory Beverages & Food Europe, and PepsiCo to create infinitely recyclable bottles. Plus, L’Oréal’s collaboration with LanzaTech to develop carbon-capture packaging materials is another step towards the establishment of eco-sustainable packaging.

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