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Kraft Heinz enlisted benefits due to its historic tech partnership with Microsoft



Kraft Heinz listed three major benefits after its historic tech partnership with Microsoft. 1, Promotions: to fight inflation, CPG companies raise their prices as during such a situation, managing promotions becomes a crucial task. In the past years, Kraft Heinz has spent billions of dollars on promotions, and now with Microsoft’s assistance, the CPG brand is deploying AI to increase its promotional budgets. 2, Planning: Kraft Heinz is working with Microsoft to improve its operational planning involving revenue, supply chain management, and retail data sharing. Retail data sharing includes the process of gathering data about product availability, pricing, and distribution from big retailers like Walmart, Albertsons, and Kroger. 3, Innovation: Kraft Heinz thinks that it has still a lot of room for innovation and the CPG brand has made some changes in its R&D structure to foster innovation. The company expects that Microsoft can further help increase its agility.

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