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Kellogg’s Pop Tarts hit virtual world with Blankos Block Party collaboration



For the first time in Europe, Kellogg’s has entered the metaverse with its own Pop Tarts characters for the popular NFT-based game Blankos Block Party. Blankos Block Party is a massively multiplayer open-world game with millions of players worldwide. It is designed in the form of a massive party, with a focus on personalised art and design, as well as developing, exploring, and curating your collection of unique and unusual ‘Blanko’ characters.

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To boost its first brand campaign in the UK in 20 years, the company’s Pop Tarts brand has collaborated with Mythical Games to produce a series of collectible and tradeable NFTs within the game, featuring Popified Blanko characters dubbed Hip Pop, Punk Pop, and Glam Pop. Pop-Tarts hopes to promote interaction with Gen Z customers, aged 18–24, who are unfamiliar with the brand by visiting this virtual world with NFT characters.

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