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Kellogg’s is splitting into three companies representing independent snacks, cereal, and plant-based business



Kellogg’s has planned to split into three independent companies, featuring its three iconic categories of snacks, cereal, and plant-based products. Kellogg’s acquisition of Pringles for $2.7 billion in 2021 signalled the company’s interest in the global snack business as more and more consumers have started to consume snacks between their meals. Not only Kellogg’s but its competitors in markets like Oreo Cookie owner Mondelēz International and Frito Lay owner PepsiCo have rolled out more snacking products and included smaller brands. The cereal category, on the other hand, has remained stagnant for some time as people look for a variety of options in the morning. Although brands like Special K, Froot Loops, and Rice Krispies are crucial for Kellogg’s, they have not been able to drive growth lately. After the pandemic, Kellogg’s expects a shift in the trend and plans to generate flat revenue growth in the North American cereal business in the coming years.

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