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From sustainable goals to AI-driven taste tests, Conagra Brands and Danone step into the future



Hypertaste, the use of artificial intelligence for a taste test, is the future of food and beverage companies. IBM is working with industry giants to use it as a tool for food companies, allowing them to predict different flavours, identify coffee and soft drinks. Hypertaste would relieve experts from doing mundane tasks like repeated taste tests, ensuring quality across numerous batches, and finding counterfeit wines and whiskey. Utilising the AI-driven Hypertaste tool, McCormick & Co. collaborated with IBM and launched eight products. Instead of relying on conventional R&D methods and testing, companies like Conagra Brands, Reddi-wip, and Slim Jim plan to use AI to identify consumer preferences. Plus, Danone and Brightseed aim to find hidden nutrients in soybeans via AI.

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