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Chinese luxury brands have deployed AI and machine learning to facilitate consumers



Chinese luxury brands adapted Machine learning and AI to use consumers’ data securely and reduce cost while offering quality-driven customer services. Burberry utilizes the Image Recognition Technology, featuring advanced algorithms offered by an AI-based firm, Entropy. The feature allows Burberry to identify fake or replicated products. Plus, the firm manages its inventory via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that enables the brand to track stock availability. Prada deployed Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions and teamed up with Sprinkler, a customer experience management firm, to offer efficient customer experience and establish a digital space. Alibaba launched chatbots to leverage its customer-centric marketing. Alibaba also partnered with Guess, a lifestyle brand, to debut an AI store in Hong Kong, where consumers can register with customized Taobao QR codes and facial recognition. Louis Vuitton joined hands with Alphabet Inc., a technology firm, to boost stock optimization.

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