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Blas Maquivar: An insight on how to keep up with continuously evolving market



Blas Maquivar, President of Mars Wrigley, has discussed the evolving snacking trends, strategies to accelerate digital capabilities. According to him, three trends shape consumers’ snacking behaviours 1, Boost in e-commerce 2, Interest in home-based activities like cooking and indoor games 3, Health consciousness. He added that the company had built digital capabilities by transforming its digital portfolio. In India, the company has offered personalized M&Ms, while in Mexico, a chocolate gifting brand named Turin is established with Turin Digital Store. He emphasized that the company has excelled through mental availability. The brand created awareness via digitalization and physical availability to reach the right consumer at the right time. Besides this, he stated that the company’s purpose is to create better moments to make the world smile by offering a sustainable range of snacks to its consumers, so they choose as per their needs and taste.

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