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An insight on the top five wellness trends of 2030



The global market value of the wellness industry has reached $1.5 trillion and it is increasing by 5% to 10% every year. The following five wellness trends would be seen in the year 2030 and retailers would have to rethink their strategies accordingly. 1, Health; consumers would be concerned about their health and keep medical devices in their homes along with pharmaceutical products. 2, Fitness; instead of home-based exercises, consumers would prioritise exercising at gyms. 3, Nutrition; consumers would continue looking for healthier and sustainable food alternatives. 4, Appearance; beauty retailers would offer limitless services in 2030, ranging from injectable services to microdermabrasion. 5, Sleep; innovational mattresses would be available in the market generating sleep data for consumers. Consequently, companies would have to reshape their digital strategies, connect data and update the value proposition.

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